I was born and raised in British Columbia and now I am raising my own child in this beautiful province. We take advantage of the wilderness in our back yard by walking our two dogs, Biscuit (named by my child!) and Meeko (a rescue), by the river every day. 

Despite working for a crown corporation for many years, I always had a feeling that there was something better out there. Initially, I was drawn to hypnotherapy for my own personal health reasons over a decade ago. I quickly realized I needed to know more about this amazing modality. When I was first introduced to hypnotherapy, I was told that it would change my life. Although I didn't invest much  thought into this at the time, now reflecting back, I believe that was a complete understatement; hypnotherapy has opened my mind in ways I never knew existed resulting in a much deeper understanding of others and myself. 


Through this journey I learned I’m empathic which influenced my studies on energy, more specifically Heart Resonance Energy which can be a healing modality that can help to balance and re-align your chakra. The Vesica Piscis is two overlapping energies; as an empath I have learned how to shift and move through, embrace and even become the dominating positive energy.

I graduated from  Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science and was a member of the IMDHA (The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association). I then received advanced certification in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy. I studied the techniques of hypnotherapist, Miltion H. Erickson, who was the creator of about 60% of NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming). I have also taken an extended course on the Virtual Gastric band (imitates stomach stapling), which is the only hypnosis technique on weight control that has had clinical trials that prove its effectiveness. Additionally I studied Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy, learning to unite clients and their spirit guides which is especially helpful dealing with the death of loved ones. 



We are all seeking balance in some form. Often our subconscious mind does not have the same feelings or beliefs held by our conscious mind. Have you ever found yourself doing something over and over again, even though you know logically it’s not right and you should be making better choices? That is happening because your subconscious and conscious mind do not share the same beliefs. My job is to get them working together, to bring better balance within, as well as a better understanding of yourself. 


A person’s outdated beliefs (negative feelings) and behaviours are holding them back from achieving what they really want in their life. Together we will build new responses, thoughts and feelings toward challenges in your life. You will be aware of what is happening, be in control and will not reveal anything you don’t want to.


Hypnosis can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. People often feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards. Hypnosis is a safe, powerful technique that creates a deeply relaxed state of mind and body while working on the root cause of your issue. It is a highly effective treatment that can produce positive changes to a person’s life. 

People are often aware of their negative or destructive behaviours but are still unable to change them. During hypnosis, a person is able to tap into their subconscious mind and access their inner resources, which can help bring about beneficial changes.