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Covid-19 has changed most of our behaviours, stopping us from being able to follow our usual routines. The “New Normal” is anything but normal! With all of the uncertainty a lot of people are experiencing right now, I can help your mind calm and de-stress and even have some fun with a Hypno Holiday. 

A hypo holiday involves a small group of your friends, who collectively decide which experience you would all like to have. Once a time has been booked for a zoom meeting, everyone will log in from their own homes. Then I have the privilege of guiding you through the adventure of your choosing. Whilst we can all maintain a good social distance from the comfort of our homes, we also feel very close to our friends and give our brains some much needed fun! It’s a great way to be with your friends safely, and become more familiar with hypnosis and some of its benefits. This is great for people who are self-isolating or even people that are recovering from Covid-19. 

You'll need a relatively quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down; a light blanket, as people tend to get a little cooler when they relax; and a glass of water is recommended.  Ideally your computer should be plugged into WiFi and an electrical outlet. 

The sessions are typically 45 to 65 minutes and it’s recommend to allow a period for relaxation after to really enjoy all the benefits. 

* Roller Coaster 

* Hot air Balloon  

* Forest Bathing  

* African Safari 

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