How can hypnosis help you with goals like quitting smoking, quitting vaping or weight management?

Quitting smoking or vaping can be easier; get the help and confidence to know you can succeed with breaking any habit. There always seems to be a part of you that wants to stop smoking and a part that wants to light up a cigarette as soon as you think about quitting. Get those parts of you working together. Motivating you on a very deep level of the subconscious mind. Start enjoying the health benefits of living a smoke free life.


Weight Management with VGB 

Virtual Gastric Band, also known as hypnotic bariatric surgery is a safe effective program that will help you achieve your goals. Become happy with your own body image. Whether it's ten pounds or one hundred and fifty pounds. Get the most for your dollar. This is not a diet, we all know diets don’t work. You will not deprive yourself of anything. That’s what makes this a realistic choice. You will simply fill full faster and your portion size will be reduced. Through this minimum 4 session package we will work together on your specific needs using parts therapy. (Some clients may need up to 10 sessions). The results are a steady, progressive weight-loss, without dieting. Learn to enjoy slowing down and eat consciously on a deep subconscious level. This is a potentially life-changing treatment and not a temporary fix. I am dedicated to getting you the results you are looking for. Find out what inner peace really feels like.​

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Smoking Cessation

Weight Management

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