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Suggestibility Questions

Please read through these questions and answer honestly before your first session. This will help to determine whether you are a good candidate for hypnosis and how you can gain the most out of your sessions. 

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Suggestibility Questions

The following is a conditioned response test designed to help your Hypnotherapist assist you more rapidly with your program. It is important that you answer these questions truthfully, keeping in mind there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Go with the first answer that comes to mind after you read the question; avoid dwelling on any answers.

Simply check a “Yes” or “No” response beside each question.

Have you ever walked in your sleep in your adult life?
As a teenager, did you feel comfortable expressing your feelings to one or both of your Maternal and Paternal figures?
Do you have a tendency to look directly into people’s eyes and/or move close to them when discussing an interesting subject?
Do you feel that most people you meet for the first time are uncritical of your appearance?
Do you feel that most people you meet for the first time are uncritical of your appearance?
In a group situation with people you have just met, would you feel comfortable drawing attention to yourself by initiating a conversation?
Do you feel comfortable holding hands or hugging someone you are in a relationship with while other people are present?
When someone talks about feeling warm physically, do you begin to feel warm also?
Do you occasionally have a tendency to tune out when someone is talking to you, and at times not even hear what the other person is saying, because you are anxious to come up with your side of it?
Do you feel that you learn and comprehend better by seeing and/or reading than by hearing?
In a new class or lecture situation, do you usually feel comfortable asking questions in front of the group?
When expressing your ideas, do you find it important to relate all the details leading up to the subject so the other person can understand it completely?
Do you enjoy relating to children?
Do you find it easy to be at ease and comfortable with your body movements, even when faced with unfamiliar people and circumstances?
Do you prefer reading fiction rather than non-fiction?
If you were to imagine sucking on a sour, juicy, yellow lemon, would your mouth water?
If you feel that you deserve to be complemented for something well done, do you feel comfortable if the compliment is given to you in front of other people?
Do you feel that you are a good conversationalist?
Do you feel comfortable when complimentary attention is drawn to your physical body or appearance?